Impossible Mission II

Platforms: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles, NES / Famicom, ZX Spectrum

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Platform , Puzzle Elements , Metroidvania
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Fixed / Flip Screen


IBM MCGA/VGA version of Impossible Mission II
IBM MCGA/VGA version of Impossible Mission II
Impossible Mission II is an action/strategy game developed by Novotrade in 1988. It is a sequel to the 1984 game Impossible Mission; the gameplay remains very similar to the previous game while adding some new features and changes. The player controls an agent whose mission is to stop the evil Elvin Atombender, the mad scientist from the first game who intends to destroy the world. Players will need to infiltrate Elvin's heavily guarded fortress to stop him.


Following his defeat in the first Impossible Mission game, Elvin is hiding out in his fortress which consists of nine towers. To stop Elvin from destroying the world, players must infiltrate the fortress and locate the control room in the central tower to disarm missiles within 8 hours. To accomplish this, players will need to complete several tasks to break through the security in the towers; this includes:
  • Locate the 3 digit security code for each of the eight outer towers. Each tower is locked, so without the security code players will be unable to get through the door to adjacent towers. Parts of the security codes are hidden behind objects in various rooms throughout the towers and can be found by searching.
  • Located in each tower is a safe containing a musical sequence; there are six unique musical sequences and two duplicate. To unlock the elevator to Elvin's control room the six unique musical pieces need to be assembled in the correct order.
  • Once the control room is reached, the correct computer capable of disarming the missiles needs to be located.
In each room in the fortress are various objects that can be searched (such as book cases, desks, furniture, and so on). While searching Elvin's fortress players will need to avoid the many deadly robots that stand guard in each room; players have an infinite number of lives, however if they are destroyed by a robot or fall off the bottom of the screen 10 minutes of time is lost. The robots come in several varieties; some types return from the original Impossible Mission and some are new. The following robots may be encountered throughout the fortress:
  • The basic security sentrybot: Sentrybots are the most commonly encountered robots; they are armed with a plasma gun and fire whenever the player is nearby.
  • Minebots: Minebots wander around the room randomly and leave mines on the floor. The player dies if he steps on one of the mines.
  • Pestbots: These robots are harmless to the player, however they run around rooms riding the platforms up and down. In some rooms where platform position is critical to reach an object the postbot can cause trouble for the player by reseting the platforms before the player reaches the desired location.
  • Squatbot: Squatbots hide on the floor; if the player steps on one he is launched upwards rapidly. If there happens to be a platform in the way the player dies, however in some cases squatbots can help the player reach high platforms that may be otherwise out of reach.
  • Bashbot: Bashbots look like bulldozers; they will attempt to either push the player out of a room into the hallway or to crush him against an adjacent wall.
  • Suicidebot: When a player approaches a suicide bot it will leap off of the platform attempting to take the player with it.
Players are generally defenseless against the robots and must simply avoid them, however some items can be found to help out. These items include pass codes to disable all robots in a room, mines that can be left on the floor to destroy robots that cross it, and time bombs that explode destroying any nearby robots. These defenses are located by searching objects and can be saved to be used whenever the player wishes.


Platform: NES / Famicom
Program and graphics: (c)1989 EPYX, Inc.
Licensed by: American Video Entertainment, Inc.
Programmed by: Novotrade Software Studios
Manual by: Phil Mikkelson
Cover Illustration by: Ken Rieger
Title Screen Music: Christopher Grigg
Sound Programming: Peter Gosztola
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Programmed by: László Szenttornyai, Imre Kovats Jr.


Instruction Manual
Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles
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Instruction Manual
NES / Famicom
American Video Entertainment release
Instruction Manual
NES / Famicom
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