Enhanced Graphics Adapter

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The Enhanced Graphics Adapter is a video card that was introduced by IBM in 1984 around the same time as the IBM PC/AT computer. EGA improved upon it's predecessor CGA with the ability to display up to 16 colors at a time with a total of 64 colors available. In 200 line modes the full 64 color palette wasn't available; the 16 colors were fixed to be the same as those of CGA in order to maintain compatibility with CGA monitors. In 350 line modes each of the colors could be freely selected from the full 64 color palette.

Initially EGA cards came equipped with 64 KB of memory that was expandable to either 128 KB or 256 KB via a daughterboard. Later EGA cards and many clones included 256 KB. In order to take advantage of 16 colors at 640x350 resolution a card with at least 128 KB was required, otherwise only 4 colors could be displayed.

The EGA graphics card could display all of CGA's video modes along with the following new modes:
resolution colors notes
40x25 Text 16 colors
80x25 Text 16 colors
320x200 graphics 16 colors
640x200 graphics 16 colors
640x350 graphics monochrome
640x350 graphics 4 colors Each of the 4 colors can be chosen from a total palette of 64 colors.
640x350 graphics 16 colors Requires minimum 128 KB memory on the card. Each of the 16 colors can be chosen from a total palette of 64 colors.

The EGA card can be connected to a color CGA monitor, the IBM 5154 EGA monitor, or a monochrome monitor. When connected to a monochrome monitor only the 640x350 monochrome graphics mode and 80 column monochrome text modes are available. With a CGA monitor the 640x350 resolution modes are not available. DIP switches on the board needed to be set in order to select the type of monitor the card was connected to.


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IBM EGA card
IBM EGA card with 64 KB RAM (no memory expansion installed).

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