There are 1712 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Keyboard for IBM PC/Compatibles.
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Keyboard is part of the category Input Devices.
Games with the keyboard attribute can be played entirely by keyboard. How the keyboard was used varied from game to game — for some games typed commands or sentences were required (such as with adventure games); other games allowed the keyboard to be used to simulate a joystick when one wasn't available, such as by using the arrow keys as equivalents to moving a joystick.


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IBM PC keyboard
Keyboard for IBM PC 5150 computer
IBM PCjr keyboard
Enhanced version keyboard for IBM PCjr computers.
The enhanced keyboard for the IBM PCjr replaced the chiclet keys found in the original version with plastic keys for easier touch typing. The keyboard could connect to the PCjr wirelessly via infrared or with a wired connection.
Atari 800 XL computer
Atari 800 XL computer with built in keyboard
Atari 8-bit computers had a keyboard built in to the system. The type of keys and the key layout varied slightly depending on the model. Shown here is the Atari 800 XL.
Commodore Vic-20
Commodore Vic-20 computer with built in keyboard
TI-99/4A computer with built in keyboard
Atari 800 computer
Atari 800 computer with built in keyboard